Why Consistency is Key

Consistency is the beginning of your future

Sarah Park
2 min readSep 15, 2021


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I’ve heard the advice consistency is key a lot lately. So I have tried to be as consistent as possible, and I am beginning to see results through being more consistent.

We’ve all made excuses at one time or another, but what have we gained through doing that?

It’s easy to say…

- I don’t have time

- I don’t know what to do

- I don’t know what to post about

What is difficult but by far much more rewarding is…

- Making time to do what is important to you

- Find out how to do what is going to improve your life and learn the skills required

- Use your own experiences as the topic of your message. If you have nothing of value in your experiences, then that is something that you have to work on so that you have something of value to write.

People learn from others, and they grow through making an effort to learn.

If there is something that you don’t like, learn how to change it and then implement the change.

If you continue to make excuses not to be consistent, you will stay where you are — stuck in a life that you don’t want.

Consistency doesn’t have to be a rigid structure that becomes unachievable quickly. It’s about finding what works for you and implementing it consistently.

Some people may genuinely have less time than others, but this doesn’t mean they have no time.

Look at the time you have; are you using the time effectively? Is there something else that you can do?

For me, one area I have had to improve to be more consistent with is self-development. To ensure that I continue with self-development, I will listen to an audiobook or podcast whilst doing other things on the days I have less time. Doing this allows me to get my daily fix of self-development, which is beneficial to me and my business whilst still completing other aspects of my everyday life.

Consistency ensures that you continue to work towards where you want to be, even when it is difficult.

The most difficult things in life are often the most fulfilling and are so worth it if you allow yourself the satisfaction of being consistent.

Would you please let me know some of your tips on how you achieve consistency?



Sarah Park

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